Ritualis S03

SFr. 60.00

Ritualis are intriguing small sculptures, fascinating when the candle is unlighted and surprising when the candle is lighted up.

Their particular shape is the result of a research keen on giving the maximum visual effect when the sheet of bronze is coiled. In fact Ritualis, as well as all Metallodolce products, are delivered as a flat sheet. They reveal their beauty just once the product is assembled.


--- specs 
Candle holders dimensions: diameter 4 cm - Height 6-10 cm 
Material: bronze thickness 1/10 mm 
Pack dimensions: flat pack, 10 x 15cm 
Content in the pack:3 candle holders inside 
--- notes 
The oxydation on the surface (darkening) is part of the natural aging process of the 
The tea light candle should rest on the candleholder’s three feet so as not to be placed directly on the surface on which it is placed. This avoids any possible stains or halos. A lateral hole with an 8mm diameter_ at the height of the wick, allows the insertion of a match to light the candle.

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