Sketch Cartoon

SFr. 95.00

The pattern of Cartoon, drawn by hand with a medium size pen, reminds us the first sketch we used to do when we were child. It's a simple sign that cover the source of light the right amount to let some light through to illuminate also the surrounding. Reflections on brass give the light a soft warm tonality that create an intimate ambient underneath the lamp shade.

This lamp shade is composed by two half parts that have to be fixed to each other with four tiny and transparent press buttons that come with the object.


--- specs
Lamp shade dimensions: diameter 29 cm - Height 9 cm
Material: raw brass thickness 1,5/10 mm
Pack dimensions: 22 x 32cm, 1 lamp shade inside
Content in the pack: 1 lamp shade, 5 plastic buttons


--- notes
This is a fragile product that has to be handled always with care!
The oxydation on the surface (darkening) is part of the natural aging process of the
This product is sold without lamp-holder. It’s compatible to a standard e 27 light bulb holder made for lampshades. All type of E27 light bulbs can be used.

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